Telephony for Business Consultants

Telephony for Business Consultants


Unified Communication for Business Consultants

Unified Communications (UC) has been a significant growth area for Business Consultants in the last twelve months, with many more companies looking to benefit from the many advantages of a UC service. As well as achieving the full integration of all digital communications services, opting for a UC service means that companies can lower their business overheads, deploy their in-house IT support staff on more important tasks and build successful teams wherever they are in the world.

What’s more, UC offers clients the ability to pick and choose the services they require, allowing them to opt out of costly technology they do not use, and opt into state-of-the-art technology that will boost productivity and efficiency. This flexibility is an important asset for Business Consultants who work with their class to assess and improve their communication needs, because it provides a bespoke, secure and reliable service for their clients.

Hosted Telephony

Hosted telephony is a service that offers clients an integrated telephony and Internet access in a single, easy-to-use communications platform. The service can be adapted to suit a company of any size with a low, pay-as-you-go tariff that is fully scalable depending on demand. Because of this, hosted telephony service can grow with the smaller client who needs 10 phones, or adapt to the changing needs of a large corporation with over 1000 workers.

A major advantage of hosted telephony is that these services can be accessed from a desk phone connected to the internet, a single software application on a browser, a tablet or a Smartphone with no need to invest in a physical, onsite PBX for telephony. This takes away the associated costs of PBX infrastructure and maintenance without compromising on the quality of your client’s communication services.


In addition, by implementing a UC service it means that users can use the latest presence technology to see who is available at a glance from their displays, so they can route calls or contact the most appropriate person instantly. A UC system will deliver better customer service for your clients and make your remote staff more productive.

Bring Your Own Device

Many workers are already bringing personal Smartphones, tablet computers and laptops to work on a regular basis. UC allows the full range of modern technology to be integrated into its communications service, giving workers the ability to access voice, instant messaging  and video calls from any device using a secure UC app or software as if they were in the office.

UC services brings all of these communications in one place, avoiding the need to check different devices and applications to find important and up-to date information. At the same time, users can switch seamlessly between devices depending on their working needs without suffering compatibility or connectivity issues. In addition UC software ensures that even when workers bring their own devices to work, company information remains separate and secure.

Creating an Engaged, Flexible Workforce

The single UC platform can help businesses revolutionise team working in their company. With the ability to utilise the full range of digital communications at the touch of a button, team members can create strong working relationships and can collaborate effectively on business projects whether they work from home, in the office or on the go.

The ability to choose their means of communication means that consultants can select the appropriate method depending on their context: for example, a colleague can join or setup an audio or video conference from their smartphone.

Connecting Workers Across Time Zones

Unified communications also enables team workers in different time zones to engage in a single workflow and to contribute to a shared project at any time. With instant access to all voice and video communications, team members who cannot attend meetings or who miss important conference calls because of time zone differences can catch up with the latest communications at their convenience. Circuit from Unify includes integrated Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC), so that all communication is stored securely in real time. At the same time all of this data is fully searchable so it is possible to find relevant documents, contribute suggestions and add to important conversations at a later date, making sure that important contributions to a project are not lost.


Some versions of UC can also offer integrated software such as notes, reminders and calendar, allowing individual members of a team to coordinate their work and make sure that deadlines are met through their shared workflow. Important tasks can be flagged for follow up and important contacts can be prioritised, with CRM software providing instant up-to-date contact details so that business communications are timely and professional. Clients who opt for UC services can create virtual teams where everyone can see the big picture, understand how they contribute and share their ideas seamlessly, helping to make business better for everyone.

Opening UC to New Clients

UC services offer small and medium-sized enterprises the opportunity to use modern communications services that until now were only available to large companies with deep pockets. To find out more about how your clients could benefit, contact UC&C today.